Holiday Cheer

North Saanich-20131222-00430This doesn’t really have anything to do with nature (other than the botanicals involved) but heck; these are the presents I made this year.  There were three concoctions:  Merry Cherry, Roasted Toasted and Christmas Orange.  It was fun to come up with the recipes.

Merry Cherry: Dried cherries in a vodka base.  Vanilla, pepper, lemon and clove included.

Roasted Toasted:  Predominately roasted hazelnut and coconut in a brandy base (I may try sherry next time).  Vanilla, oregano, pepper, clove, lemon and brown sugar.  This one is my favorite.

Christmas Orange: Mandarin orange and lemon in vodka with a  hint of coconut and vanilla.

If I had better patience I would have filtered them each a few more times.  All three were sweetened to make them liquors.

I have to credit Erica and her blog Northwest Edible Life for the ideas and knowledge to prepare these infusions.